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Your love for Céline seems to know no bounds. When the brand struck gold with its Luggage Tote and then started producing more must-have bags, the Céline lovers on the Purse Forum lined up to get their own, and Purse Blog readers were there too. Since then, bag lovers have been eagerly awaiting the brand's next big hit. Enter the Replica Céline Bags, the bag that's sure to get handbag lovers and Céline lovers alike excited. I was highly intrigued by this bag and needed to get my hands on it to see how it worked, and I'm glad I did. As a stock image, the design looks a bit plain, but once you get it in your arms, you realize that it's the big sister to the highly popular Céline Trio Bag, offering three interior compartments on a much more spacious scale.

The design is casual enough that you may miss just how beautiful it is. The leather is thick and sumptuous, which allows the bag to hold it's shape a bit, but overall it's fairly fluid and easily transforms on your shoulder to mold to the wearer. The top handles fit easily over your shoulders and sits securely, if that's how you'd like to carry it. There are leather laces on the sides that can be used to secure the central compartment, along with leather laces on top that can be used to close the bag. With more use, these straps would easily tie up, but since the bag I had was brand new, the tie didn't hold as well as I'd like.

The interior is the best part and reminiscent of a grown-up version of the Trio Bag, with three separated compartments, including one with a zipper closure, on top. I'm a huge fan of a bag with interior compartments, especially if they're easy to access and use, which the Trifold's are.

I purchased the ever gorgeous Celine Replica Bags in black! I think this bag is the perfect crossbody since not only is it split into three separate pouches but the style is to die for literally! I personally love how Celine is modern minimalism embodied in a brand! I love love all of their bags and think that the Celine Trio is possibly my most favorite piece from their whole line currently (aside from the hobo I am also dying for!). If there was one brand I could currently own every bag from I would definitely say Celine would be the winner since I am in love with the lifestyle portrayed by the brand and the purses in themselves!

I purchased the bag in black (which you should know is my favorite color by now) since as I always say it is very hard for the replica manufacturers to screw the color black up on any bag, and as always I would rather be safe than sorry! The quality of the bag is definitely a counter quality after inspecting it in person. The leather grains are very defined and the bag is quite smooth and rich in feeling to the touch. The leather has a slight sheen and is not matte like many of the Celine luggage series handbags, but I don’t mind personally even though I do usually have a preference for matte leather over shiny leather. The box the bag was in became a bit dented up and marked up through international transit (imagine the journey from China to the US!) but the bag was well protected inside with a dustbag and is gorgeous! I would definitely recommend buying a replica Celine Trio over an authentic version as the bag is a crossbody (come on people you don’t need to spend thousands on a crossbody!) and it is honestly really well done. I have seen the Trio in the authentic Celine boutique as well where I was tempted to take the plunge and purchase it full price, but am very glad I waited it out to see what the fake would be like! This Celine is definitely a superfake, and one of my new favorite bags! I must note however that I personally would wear this style of bag more so in the fall and winter, but I already have numerous outfit ideas and can’t wait to make it work for the summer time.

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